I'm looking to buy a new mattress and brands like Eve and Simba are all over my Facebook, getting rave reviews from most. Highly recommended. Best mattress ever! Most of these reviews however are listed only on their own website – which as regular readers will know, are easily faked. Aren’t ikea mattresses weird sizes though? about careers press advertise blog. Home NEWS Features Gadgets Toys Sound Mobile 25 May 2019 REVIEW: Simba Hybrid Mattress Best of both worlds A universal truth is that we all need to sleep. Are you UK? I've got an Emma mattress, same idea as Simba and it's been excellent. Are they actually any good? The Simba Hybrid Pro is superb, it is the best memory foam based mattress I have tried so far, and I would say it is better than the latex/pocket spring mattress I was already using. P.s the pillow is amazing perfectly balance too! The Simba has springs in it which kind of puts me off a bit but I haven't really heard any bad reviews. The reason for this? ", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. They all seem pretty similar to me though, They all seem pretty similar to me though. Based in the UK, the Simba sleep company has become a popular provider for bed-in-a-box optionsfor British customers. They're masters of marketing so no doubt they have plenty of shrills on Reddit and social media. I haven't seen too much information on the Hamuq mattress except for a post on the buyamattress subreddit and a few mentions on the mattressunderground, so I thought I'd post up my own personal review of the mattress since I chose it after quite a lot of research and reading on reddit and elsewhere on the internet, so this is my thanks back to you guys in a way. I tried the Simba in John Lewis today and thought it was a bit too soft. Should I even be looking at memory foam mattresses? Simba Mattress Reviews 2021. See below. I’m debating taking it back. Over the years, they developed mattresses based on data from over 10 million sleepers with 180 million data points. Very expensive and reviews stated it was well made with good materials. The Look I love my simba mattress, had it for a year now. The last mattress we had was ikea but it didn’t fit our new king size bed frame. Theres also a deal on Amazon at the mo if you're still shopping around. Most mattress stores stock them. The Unboxing. I’d have to go with the Emma Mattress, although it’s a very close contest. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I may try to fix it with a wool topper or maybe a new bed base but we’ll see. The Simba Hybrid Mattress is a ‘Medium Firm’ mattress measuring 9.75 inches thick. Not sure how this eventually happened, but we're now buying another for the spare room. Instantly the Simba mattress caught our eye as it had 146 reviews (far more than any other mattress) and had a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. It’s made up of five layers: a 16cm foam core with a mini pocket-spring layer sandwiched between two layers of foam, topped with another 2.5cm of foam. Simba says it will now review all these. [ex-] Simba SuperKing upholstered bed frame with headboard. They're all the same hot garbage. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Will definitely purchase from Emma again. I have the OTTY mattress. We've currently got a cheap memory foam thing that needs upgrading. This is the most important thing, isn't it? The mattress is also suitable for hot sleepers, due to good airflow throughout the support core layers that keeps the bed feeling cool and comfortable. It has a gel top which helps with body temperature. Their business model is garbage. It also scored 10/10 from my cats. This is the best mattress we have ever had. Thanks, hadn't head of Emma mattresses, a good couple of hundred cheaper with their discount offer at the moment too! Completing this Simba mattress protector review, I feel that Simba could have done a better job. Check out our video review of the award winning Simba Hybrid Mattress! Just too bad because it’s super comfortable... until you wake up sweating. This is because I can't sleep on any mattress or mattress topper that is made with memory foam, as the weightless feeling it gives me causes me pain in my back. The mattress is perfect, comfortable and right balance. We got one over a year ago, after testing Casper and finding it too soft. Thank you - another company i'd not heard of. I put my back out occasionally, a night on the OTTY sorts me right out. A lot of customers are intimidated by the idea of setting up their own mattress, but Simba makes it really simple. IS THE SIMBA MATTRESS PROTECTOR FOR ME? Simba Hybrid Pro review: Verdict. Simba Hybrid Mattress review: Comfort and performance After removing your Simba Hybrid from its vacuum packaging using the provided tool and laying it … Save yourself some money and get a mattress from IKEA - I paid around 300/350 for a Super King while all these fancy online stores charge anywhere from 700-1200 for that size. Reddit does love them though. The Hybrid is Simba’s best selling mattress. Was gutted. What an amazing sleep! Seems the quality is the same between all these types of brands too. I bet these mattress companies have huge profit margins like 50% or higher. It offers great support and comfort for back sleepers, as well as those who weigh at least 130 pounds. So does it deliver what it promises? Like other bed-in-a-box mattresses, Endy is simple to unpack.