Connect with your Child while you have a Bad Day

Being a parent or a mommy especially does not mean we cannot have a bad day. Even though it is something unavoidable you need to regain your equilibrium when you have children especially. Try to loose tension and reconnect with your child or children in this way. Your child is very receptive of your ”moods” regardless of how well you try to hide it and safety do overs are simply the first step to take, summoning up all your compassion and warmth in reassuring your child with a warm smile or hug immediately release a lot of tension that built up because of your own mood.

If you snapped at your child, there simply is no law that prevents you from apologizing and saying sorry that you snapped at him or her. Physical reconnection is vital as a child loves snuggling with his or her mother. Inviting play is a very good option as you immediately sync with your child and it triggers connection hormones with laughter the best medicine. The problem might creep in that you are still in a bad mood and not quite in the mood for acting silly and playing with your child.

However you do not have to act like a clown, just lighten the mood to shift the dynamic in order to regain your composure and stop your child from acting out against you. Your child might not be in the mood for laughter after experiencing your bad mood, thus do you have to be empathetic and listen to his or her point of view while you remember you are the grownup and he is just a kid. One thing that you have to remember is that your mood often reflects negatively onto your child and that is when he or she will certainly act out and you have to handle that too and if possible you can always try to make bedtime earlier after a nice meal.