Stacked with information about school rules, protocols, and general school information — the Student/Parent Handbook … The school administrator promotes the success of all students by collaborating effectively with faculty, staff, students, parents, community, and division personnel. Models Ideal Behavior: This is the demonstration of the skill or behavior that the teacher desires from the student. This includes the lunch and recess schedule. Kokomo School Corporation complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Art, Music, P.E., Computers, and Library: Teachers shall escort their students to these classes in a prompt, orderly, and quiet manner. School employees are NOT AUTHORIZED to purchase any item or have any service performed without an approved purchase order. (See map in room.) Students should also not sit on or jump off rails. CODE TWO (Unauthorized Intruder): The purpose of an internal mass emergency plan is to prevent members of the school district from being placed in danger as a result of an unauthorized intruder. PowerSchool Login for Administrators. Students must observe instructions from the driver when leaving the bus. Remember that materials ordered on a “Free Trial Basis” are not really free. Rubric of California Standards for the Teaching Profession. eRase is a private and anonymous online reporting tool for targets of bullying or those that witness it taking place.Some secrets aren't worth keeping. Faculty and Staff Handbooks. Students will be discontinued from the program if they reach the middle reading level of the regular classroom. Have the student read aloud. The reduced-price lunch is .40 per day. Teachers desiring to have a tutor should see the elementary principal prior to the first day of classes. Fill out the requisition listing the items needed to purchase as well as costs, complete address, and shipping costs of the company to which the order is made. Any matter requiring action of this nature MUST be done through the elementary office. Orders are then routed to the individuals who placed the orders. Lunch: Teachers shall escort their classes to the lunchroom at the designated time and in an orderly manner remembering that other classes are still in session. These policies are not the entire make-up of the Policy Manual. A class handbook is a fantastic way to communicate your classroom policies right from the beginning of the year. School-wide simulation drills will commence at prescribed times and with the teachers’ first commands. Pushing students in swings is not permissible nor should children twist chains on swings. Students are not allowed to go into the hallway for ANY reason until an announcement is made by the office that the lock down has ended. By way of a general guideline, homework assignments should be given that will take no more than ten minutes per grade level; ex. Initially, the attempt is made to match the developmental/instructional needs and behavioral traits of each student to the particular teaching style and capabilities of the teacher. Staff Handbook . Destruction of any property should be reported to the principal’s office as soon as possible. Suggestions for student tutors are listed below. Wallburg Elementary School serves K-5th grade and is part of Davidson County Schools. Good grooming and dress habits are considered to be a part of the teacher’s professional obligations while at school. rooms should be returned to the regular classroom teachers asap and moved to the area designated outside the building. These students possess average to above-average intelligence. This is a necessary first step in the process of identifying, evaluating, and placing students in special education programs. brothers, sisters, cousins). Academic School Year 2019-2020 . Maintain order and await further directions – DO NOT leave secured areas until an Administrator or Law Enforcement Official indicates it is safe to move. If you have a child with a disability or know of a child with a disability that is not attending the public school, please contact your school district. The School District’s system of ordering and paying for goods and services is a standard practice. BUS REGULATIONS The following rules apply to students who ride buses: The bus driver is in complete charge of the students on his/her bus. The book responsibility sheet should include the title, textbook company, book number, and condition of each assigned book. If a cell phone is needed to make a call, please do so during planning time. Jungle Gym: Students should climb up bars using both hands. Secretary: 924-2243. Templates, Samples and Free Employee Handbook Resources. General Enrollment; Kindergarten; Joplin Online Learning; Attendance Zones; Bus Routes; School Choice / Transfer Policy; Gifted Program. Student conduct shall be monitored in the serving line, at the table, and as trays are returned. Havelock, NC 28532. Elementary student handbook / full handbook (printable). The Hart County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sex in its employment practices, student programs and dealings with the public. For more than 100 years, Jenks Public Schools has provided students with a quality education in an environment known nationwide for high academic standards and innovation. When the signal sounds, teachers should instruct students to leave by the appropriate exits. Comprehension may be monitored as the lesson is presented and evaluated for mastery at the culmination of a unit of instruction. It should be noted that all these steps will not be present in every lesson; however, many lessons include most of these teaching acts.