Lyrics to "Through Thick And Thin" by PORTER WAGONER AND DOLLY PARTON: The road of love is steep it's a hard climb all the way / To stay in love we must keep working at it every day / We have our ups and downs but we take it with a grin / Cause we've promised to stick together through thick and thin / … No one has cared quite like you. Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ... (Spin it again!) Lyrics to "Count Me In" by GARY LEWIS AND THE PLAYBOYS: If you need someone to count on, count me in / Someone you can rely on through thick and thin / When you start to count the ones that you might ever doubt / If you think of counting me, count me out / When you … You never one time let me down. And I, just want to say, Please don't forget what we've experienced. Our love a fortress, I'll never abandon. Through thick and thin, No one has been there. Lyrics to 'Count On Me' by WHITNEY HOUSTON : Count on me through thick and thin / A friendship that will never end / When you are weak, I will be strong / Helping you to carry on / Call on me, I will be there / Don't be afraid / Please believe me when I say / I was walking down the street one day She was there from far away She came to stay It was a bright sunny afternoon I was blue but very soon She made me bloom I never believed in love Now I'm sleeping in a bed of roses I was lost but now I'm found ,baby And you put me on a natural high, And I can fly, I can fly. You gave your hand to me that day, Through Thick And Thin Lyrics. Hello my friend yes it's been too long and though how I've missed you. Spin it Let's begin it Bear 'n grin it When you're in it … Companion. Sometimes in this life you can feel all by yourself But I have a partner when I can’t trust no one else (So don’t isolate yourself when there’s nobody around I’ll be there through thick and thin, what a true love we have found!) Through Thick And Thin Lyrics. Through thick and thin I'm always thinking of you Today, did I forget To say I love you, girl? Natural High lyrics - Merle Haggard You stayed with me through thick and thin, Watched me lose, you watched me win. Through time and travel. I'll stand right by your side. No one has cared quite like you. Though thick and thin. LYRICS. No distance is greater, Than separation from your friends. Friends for life, through thick and thin With another tale to spin Oh-ee-yeah (Tale Spin) Oh-ee-yoh (Tale Spin) All the trouble we get in With another tale to spin (Spin it!) The Lyrics for Through Thick & Thin by Victor King have been translated into 1 languages. Through thick and thin, No one has been there. Me and you against the world, living one … You're my brother. Artist: Dogwood Album: Through Thick and Thin. Though thick and thin. You picked me up off of the ground. I was drowning in a sea of make-believe, As helpless as a falling leaf. Our love a fortress, I'll never abandon. I'll stand right by your side. Lyrics: It’s been a shining star It’s been a blue sky Gonna tell you something about my story It’s been a long time We’ve together through Thick and thin and we won’t desert each other now.