This one’s easy to fix—once you know why it occurs. Scroll down to the Show document content section. This is a Windows registry issue (corruption?) The tools for moving images are unintuitive and hard to find, so folks typically never get past their first disastrous fumblings. Even if the pictures display on screen, they still might not print on paper. And that is the problem, but it’s Microsoft’s own fault. Some pictures print, some do not, no pattern as to why some did and some didn't. Word allows you to control what does or doesn't print with your document—at least for some elements, such as graphics. Images Not Showing in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on Tools tab in the top menu bar and click on Trust Center in the drop-down menu. Follow the steps below to fix the problem of Images not showing in Microsoft Outlook 2007. I can click and a quick something flashes where the image should be. Click File > Options > Advanced. Click OK. Are they hidden? Make use of accurate Word file repair application to fix Word document that does not show images on Windows computer. Deselect Show picture placeholders. This is due to Word's settings. Also, when Rick receives a Word document with an image inserted, it doesn't show or print either. If you ask Microsoft, they’ll say it’s because people don’t understand how Word works with images. Open Word. Somehow they’ve ended up with a picture in there and they don’t know how or why, and it keeps coming back when they regenerate the TOC. that mysteriously developed. In Word 2013 or 2016, you might see a picture in your comments: it will appear in this position if you have it set up to show pictures: The arrow is pointing to the placeholder picture (if you’re not logged into your Microsoft account online) or your own picture (if you are logged in) If Microsoft Word icon is blank or missing, & not showing correctly or properly on .doc & .docx document files of Office on Windows 10, then see this fix. Word 2010, would produce graphics (pictures) to PDF and would appear in print preview, but no luck printing. Images or texts not showing in a Word document happens from time to time because they are hidden intentionally or unintentionally. Bottom half shows blank space where images used to be. Picture tools - format shows there is an image as it shows the height and width when I click in the area but goes away when I click out of the area. Images copied from Snagit do not appear when pasted into a Word document. Bottom 1/3 of Word … It's frustrating trying to print a document that includes pictures that won't print. Microsoft has a "Fix It" tool to deal … The default behavior of Word is to use Heading styles to create the TOC and the Caption style to create lists of … He wonders why he can't get the images to print. Most people do their writing and editing in … Word document repair software: Yodot DOC Repair is well-organized software which used to repair Word document (DOC and DOCX) that does not display images in Microsoft Office Word application. What does this discussion about layers have to do with whether pictures show up in Word? 3/4 of document shows inserted jpg images. Why are my pictures not showing up in the Word document? Word's printing options allow you to choose how drawings or pictures are printed, so your printer delivers what you expect. Solution. Saved document as .docx. This article shows you a detailed guide on how to show hidden images and texts in a Word … There are a number of ways to view your document, each accessible from the menus or by clicking on one of the View buttons in the lower-left corner of your screen. How to show hidden images in a Word?"