Encourage Your Children to Eat Healthy

Many parents love to say that their children simply does not eat something , or simply that the kids do not like it and often will you find that many parents say the children do not eat it simply because the parent themselves do not like something in particular. A mother with a dislike for green peppers or tomatoes for example will simply not give either to her children, thus will the child never develop a taste for it either.

It is your responsibility as parent to encourage healthy eating habits and your first challenge is to make food appealing even if you dislike it too. It is only natural that children develop a preference for enjoyable food especially appealing food, however the responsibility starts with you to set the right example in regards to food. Being a role model is the firsts step in teaching children healthy eating habits as imitation impulses in children are strong.

First instead focus on whole food and overall diet with a minimum processed foods instead of specific foods. Takeout meals and restaurant food are not only expensive, but have an impact on the health of your children. Cooking at home and involving your kid in the grocery shopping and food preparation are excellent ideas. Avoid cookies, chips, soda and sweets and keep more healthy beverages, veggies and fruits in your house. Even though your child should finish what is on his or her plate, it is essential to limit portion sizes without using snacks as reward for finishing something they dislike. As parent you know that a healthy diet involves a healthy breakfast and that kids who eat daily breakfast score higher tests, have more energy and stable moods. High quality proteins like fish, meat, eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, enriched cereal are excellent options for breakfast.