Fun Activities on the Road

Travelling with children does not have to be a nightmare and going on holiday or long road trips are something parents often either avoid or dread. Some of the following are some fun ideas to keep your young and older children happy when travelling.

Edible Necklaces

While it is practical, is it also a fun and novel idea to get children to eat and have fun in the car. Any snack with holes for example dried apple rings, cereal, biscuits and pretzels get them to eat and have fun too.

Music Choices

This is important as the music you play on road trips can make hours pass and even cause for sing along. Loud and wild should be avoided as it might make your little ones even rowdier and louder.

Audio Books

As long as your kids do not get car sick, you can check out the Kindle selection of books or even try CD’s and audio books that interest the children and maybe even the parents too.

Movies and Gaming

Watch movies passing hours watching movies are an excellent option in keeping your children happy and quiet. If your car does not have built-in screens a portable DVD player or iPad works great too. Rear seat entertainment with LCD screens that drop from your car roof, a remote and additional headsets will keep kids busy and you can even do some online gambling on bets10 while your partner does the driving.

Old fashioned I-Spy fun

This fun game that everybody can play including the driver never gets old and everybody enjoy it. Someone starts with “I Spy” with the first letter or color of the object with the rest of the players guessing. The one that is right starts the next session.