How to Get Your Family Together at Dinner Times

Are you a parent who often wonder where did your “family time” gone to? Do you hardly see yourself, your hubby and kids together at the same time? If you stop and think about the amount of time spent as family on a weekly basis you might be surprised to find very little and often none. That is besides watching your child at tennis practice, or hosting sleepovers with your child’s friends. Hanging out with your own immediate family, regardless of how many children you have. That is what quality family time means, even though in today’s busy life with children and parents also having their own extracurricular activities.

This rush through life causes many of us to become overeaters and sleep deprived overachievers. There is a popular saying that families who eat together stay together and it is true that eating together strengthens relationships and boost open communication too. Children who sits down at dinner table with their parents statistically make better choices related to peer pressure, make better choices and perform better at school. Their nutritional habits also exceed that of other children simply grabbing a bite to eat. Try these tips to get your family to enjoy meals together:

Give children a choice

Allow your children and husband to make choices in what they would like next. Once they feel part of the cooking act, they learn responsibility and added control with a desire to share meals together.

Assign Kitchen Roles

Setting the table, helping clean up or packing the dishwasher all help in forming a bond and spending time together.

Theme Nights

Decide on something like pizza Fridays, or Hotdog Thursdays as it adds excitement and a sense of security as kids really love structure in their lives.

Planning ahead

Always make sure that unless you use your crockpot, tat meals take a short time to prepare especially week nights.

Keeping it light

Enhance the mood during dinner times with no scolding about marks, or untidy rooms or they will avoid the dinner table.