Stop Yourself and Kids from Climbing the Walls in Bad Weather

Everybody has experienced the boredom and then ultimately naughty kids when they are bored during the holidays or bad weather keeping them indoors for days on end. How do you and your children survive this challenge regardless of how much you love them, they can only read or learn school work for a short period. This is especially bad when it is during their well-deserved school break thus are we following with some great tips in keeping both yourself and your children sane.

A Photo Challenge

Kids like picture taking and the first step is writing on a list everything you want your children to photograph. This works great especially when you have more than one child in the house! List something like dress-up in wacky clothes and taking pictures, the slimiest thing you can find, the ugliest, the most beautiful, etc. allow the kids to take the pictures that you listed and set up a slide show on your computer to view results, give them points and rewards, like a small prizes and more.

Quiz Time

A family quiz with a prize is a great idea to get competitive and either look online or make up your own questions within each age group limit.

Indoor Bowling

Either milk cartons or old plastic bottles that you half-fill will make excellent skittles. If you like get the kids involved in decorate the half-filled bottles with paints, glitter and glue as it also takes time which would be fun. Make your own bowling alley in your lounge or hallway and enjoy the fun.

Puppet Show

Using a cereal box or shoe box create a puppet theater by slitting holes for puppets and doors that open. Make finger puppets like drawings on cards that you glue to straws or lollipop sticks and make interesting backdrops for scene settings.