Strengthen Your Relationship with your Children

All of us crave those heart melting moments with our kids that is why connecting with your child is so important. A strong relationship is a sweet loving one that allows you to get as much as you give. When you have a strong relationship with a child you will find that they follow rules easily as they feel compelled to cooperate and give you their best. At that point they trust their parents to know what is best and that parent would always be supportive. Giving a child basic needs, like bathing, feeding, hugging and getting them to bed are often all we have strength for but it is essential to continuously strengthening the bond and these habits are excellent in strengthening the bond and thus relationship.

Aim for daily physical connection from hugs, to smooch even when you are not saying hello or goodbye.

Playing with your child is vital as playfulness instills a feeling of belonging and deep security and trust that will ensure your child wants to cooperate.

Do not interact with your child while your hands are glued to your phone, laptop or eyes glued to the TV screen. Turn off the radio or TV when your child wants your full attention.

Give each one of your children special time individually and a great option is to allow the child to decide what he or she wants to do in that time as well. Even a short period of fifteen minutes to half an hour will make your child feel as special as they deserve to feel.

Listen and empathize with your child even though you might find it silly but allowing the child to show and say something from their perspective.

Bedtime chat and snuggling is very important as your child feel that you are an engaged parent and not simply going through parenthood motions.